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  • Foreign Filming and Accreditation .

What are the documents required for obtaining a Foreign Filming Permit?

Accreditation form(s) (2 passport pictures & individual CVs)

  1. List of equipments.
  2. Company profile.
  3. List of crew members.
  4. Synopsis of documentary film.
  5. Script and synopsis of film.
  6. Letter from Local counterpart in Bhutan.
  7. Letter from the International Organization.


What is the fee structure for the various type of films?

Type Royalty Fee(Nu) Security Fee (Nu) Total
Documentary 150,000 100,000 250,000
Film 500,000 100,000 600,000
Advertisement 250,000 100,000 350,000
Music Video 150,000 100,000 250,000
TV Series 150,000(per episode) 100,000 250,000

When will the security deposit be returned to the filming company/organization?

The deposit will be refunded after a copy of the video is submitted to BICMA.

Are there any documents required while submitting the final film?

A transcript is required if the film in any language other than English.

To download the required Form: 

1. Adhocaccreditation Form: CLICK HERE

2. Bhutan Film_Permit_Form.  BICMA: CLICK HERE