National Animal of Bhutan

It is a very rare mammal with a thick neck and short muscular legs. It lives in groups and is found above 4000 meters on the north-western and far north eastern parts of the country. They feed on bamboo. The adult Takin can weigh over 200 kgs.

Snowman Trek

The Snowman Trek is an extension of the beautiful Laya Gasa Trek, and leads from Laya into high altitudes of the Bhutanese Himalayas. It takes tough and enduring trekkers into the Lunana region and further on to Gangkhar Puensum and Bumthang or down to Sephu in Trongsa district, depending on which route you choose.

Cultural Dance by Bhutanese Women

In Bhutan, the dances are performed during an annual religious festival known as Tsechu, which is held in each district. Only monks or male members of the Royal Academy of Performing Arts are allowed to perform a cham dance in Bhutan.

Black-Necked Crane

Black-necked Cranes breeding range includes much of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in China, with a small breeding population occurring in adjacent Ladakh in India. Wintering grounds include lower elevations of the Qinghai-Tibet and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateaus in China.

Trekking in Bhutan

Trekking was the only way to reach the Dragon Kingdom until half-a-century ago. Beating the snow-winds of Tibetan cliffs, monks powered with mysterious chants trekked down the clouds-capped mountains into Bhutan.

Bumthang Kurje Lhakhang

Kurjey Lhakang, also known as Kurjey Monastery, is located in the Bumthang valley in the Bumthang district of Bhutan. This is the final resting place of the remains of the first three kings of Bhutan.


Role with Swiss Loan providers in Income tax Evasion

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